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There comes a time when one must speak up when the faint hearted will not, or act decisively when others, afraid of the consequences to themselves, will not act at all. We, as educators, hope that we have instilled in the students of Sunrise(Eng. Med.) School, the ability to know right from wrong and act according to their conscience and not mere convenience.

I am committed to provide a clean and safe environment where teachers can teach and students can learn to the best of their ability. I believe schools are about people. As founder, I want to provide all the students with opportunities to excel both in the core academic subjects as well as in the variety of co-curricular activities.

For this reason, I am committed to creating an educational environment in which students need to take precedence. Fortunately, my job has been easier as the staff at our school has demonstrated that it is also committed to this goal.

The seeds which I had sown 34 years ago has ripened into a juicy fruit now, in the form of 'Sunrise (Eng. Med.) School' which gives the scope of education to more than 2000 students from Lower Nursery to Class XII and takes pride in the staff of more than 80 qualified and experienced members. The result of ICSE and ISC has been also appealing.